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Big Data Analytics for SME's. Is it real? Join our OBDD Meetup's

How to empower Small & Medium sized enterprises with the opportunity to connect varying data sources byadopting Big Data Tools typically reserved for large corporations in a financially viable way?

Can SME's agility in terms of innovation and change actually challenge larger Enterprises in the Big Data adoption process?

What are the key success factors of driving a Big Data Analytics project for SME's?

What platforms and tools can SME's use?

What about complexity, value and a data-driven culture?

SME use cases where BIG Data Analytics has proved to provide a lot of value.

Stay tuned for speakers, sponsors and program. If you want to contribute please get in touch!


Microsoft Norge: Azure & HD Insight Platform for Big Data Analytics. What's needed for SME's to utilize the Power of Hadoop & Spark. Challenges & Opportunities.

Speaker: Tba

CloudXtract: Running "best practice" interfaces for Big Data Analytics for SME's on Hortonworks/Hadoop/Spark in HD Insight.

Speakers: Daniel Tandberg-Johansen, David Holm

Additional speakers will be announced Continuously!

 P.S The Meetup will also be streaming live so we welcome international participants as well. Weblink will be distributed prior to the Meetup.

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