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Nader Aeinehchi, Senior Architect at Skatteetaten (Norwegian Tax Administration)

SPEECH: "Cradle to Grave Blockchain"

"Cradle to Grave Blockchain" is a model for an ecosystem of solutions and services revolved around the "person". We build upon inhabitants' absolute trust in his/her ownership of data and control over the entire ecosystem. No backdoors! In "Cradle to Grave Blockchain", the person is as an equally strong part in the interaction with Public Administration and Private Sector. Blockchain is a new journey for us in Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten), and we would like to share our thoughts and experience with you.

Nader Aeinehchi works as architect in Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten). Currently, he is interested in the application of Blockchain technology as well as Artifial Intelligence in secured identity management, data quality, personal data protection and cryptocurrency. Earlier, Nader worked as the initial architect for modernization of Norway's National Public Registry (Folkeregisteret). Until 2013, Nader worked as chief architect in Evry. He has experience from Public Sector, Bank & Finance and Telecom.

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