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Jon Bøhmer, Founder & CEO at Oasis

Organizing cooperatives on Blockchain

Oasis uses blockchain to help organise and operate cooperatives. The 2.8 million cooperatives globally play a major role in development, but are still operating on paper. Oasis allows cooperates to crowd fund projects and use smart contracts to simplify operations.

Founded his first multimedia/TV software company (Scala) as a teenager in 1987 and have founded two more companies in the same space. His speciality is in seeing market needs ahead of most others, then combining different technologies into user friendly, cost effective products. For his designs and ideas to become reality he assemble experts in a variety of fields - Has had the pleasure of finding and working with hundreds of super smart people in his career, all over the world. In about 2000 he started to be interested in solar energy and in 2006 he started Kyoto Energy Ltd. in Kenya. They moved to Africa in 2008 and solving energy poverty is the main mission in his life, although being one of the pioneers of multimedia means he is very likely to pop up with something new in that field as well.

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