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William Braathen, Sales Director at Bitvis AS (Acando)

The Mars 2020 Rover

Mars 2020 Rover - Challenges in realtime data processing of Mars’s subsurface Curiosity and the search for knowledge bring us further into space, closer to the Sun and closer to all the plants in our solar system. Of several attempts on Mars landings with unmanned spacecraft, seven have been successful. As we have gained more knowledge and developed new technology, we are also becoming more curious about the geology on Mars, and if this planet is habitable in the future. With the latest discoveries of large amounts of water and ice in the Mars suburb, the next mission, due to launch in 2020, will be the primary mission to find evidence of old life on the planet. However, building instrumentation for these missions isn´t straight forward.

Bitvis AS, a company in the Acando group, is specialised in FPGA and embedded software development. William Braathen is the head of Sales & Marketing in Bitvis, offering design services to leading technology driven industries in Norway covering Oil & Gas, ultra high speed Data Communication, Medical-, Space- and Defence industry. Bitvis is using a proven methodology and has developed a unique and efficient set of verification tools to secure quality in mission critical applications and spacecrafts.

William has broad experience from the electronics industry. Based on an education in cybernetics and microelectronics from the Informatics at the University in Oslo, he started his career with electronics R&D, project management and ASIC development for military radio in Kongsberg Defence Communications. He has held positions as Technical Manager and Sales Director for a company developing ATEX certified wet stock control systems. And has also a background from Business Development within electronics distribution in Arrow Electronics.

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