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Bjorn Zachrisson, CEO at Harmony Chain

Global Monetary Reset 3.0 vs. Blockchain

Global Monetary Reset 3.0 vs. Blockchain Patents: 1) In 1834 then bankrupt England confiscated 1000 year Stick Accounting, to cancel English war debts. 2) In 1971 USA abolished Gold Backing of US$ Notes. 3) In 2018 Goverment and LISTED Companies are bringing back Blockchain Asset Backed currencies. Patents are the Moat that protect the Castle according to Warren Buffet. PayPal applied for patents in march 2018.

Board Member and CEO Bjorn Zachrisson is the inventor of the Blockchain Patent applications currently pending with the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (part of the Patent Cooporation Treaty comprising 152 countries in the world). He is also the Chairman of Norsk Hedge Fond AS.

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